About Us

Ship Grandmaster is a marketing, research, consultancy firm which provides services to Maritime-Marine related businesses. We offer services ranging from small-scale  portal entries via our website platform to large-scale maritime-marine projects. We provide services for corporate, government agencies and private leading maritime-marine companies and consultancies.

Project  inspection

Want to identify the best markets to play in? We provide you with market sizing and forecasting analysis to understand how big your market is, how fast your market is growing, how new regulations are going to affect it, what share you have and what share your competitors have.

Find Customers

Want to find new big partners? We are experts in expanding your client base by providing your business with local customers and international partners. All you need is to specify the criteria for companies you want to find and the information you require. The rest will be done by us.

Identify Investments and projects

We help you identify the right companies and assets to invest in using our strong target identification, financial and operational due diligence and asset modelling capabilities.